Getting Started With Cyber Insurance and Risk

Jim Rutt

CIO & CISO at Dana Foundation

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With the rise in cyber related risk due to exposure to data breaches, hacking incidents and network failures, cyber insurance is increasingly being relied on to fill risk gaps in an organization's security posture. There are many questions regarding coverage in this area, as this is a fairly new type of insurance. This webinar will give a high level view of the current landscape surrounding threats and risks commonly addressed in cyber insurance, the risk framework and considerations for determining what types of coverage you may need, and how cyber insurance fits in your overall security posture.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the risks I should take into account when deciding if cyber insurance is right for me?
  • What preparations should I take prior to engaging a broker of cyber insurance?
  • What are the key high level points to consider when selecting coverage?

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