How CFOs Are Rethinking Status Quo Processes With Modern Fintech

Alex Bean

Co-Founder & CBO at Divvy

Learning Objectives

Legacy processes are conducive to financial babysitting across the entire company. Creative thinking and thought leadership should be done with the intent to buck the status quo and not just have new processes benefit the financial depts in companies, but trickle down into improvements across the entire org. Speak to disparate tech solutions that are the status quo and the friction this can create when supporting non-negotiable systems like QBO. Make the CFO look amazing because the entire company is benefiting, not just the finance department

Key Takeaways:

  • Financial process improvements should benefit the entire organization and not just finance departments

  • Recognize tech solutions that are enabling status quo processes

  • Understand which solutions are non-negotiable and others that are worth the effort to modernize