How Does Marketing Get a Seat at the Table

Jennifer Cardillo

Director of Marketing and Communications at Sulzer

Learning Objectives

How does marketing add value to the bottom line and get seated at the strategy table? The presentation highlights how a small marketing group, in a B2B company, transitions to account-based marketing. This presentation will go over account-based marketing (ABM), trends, revenue marketing, scoring/grading leads, segmentations, buyer personas/journeys, mapping and metrics. Intended for marketing folks that are in the process or will be converting to an ABM marketing model, specifically for small marketing teams that not only need to convert to an ABM paradigm, but also need to be the catalyst for digital transformation and education on how marketing adds value.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is account-based marketing and how a small marketing team can implement it

  • How account-based marketing can show how marketing can add value to the bottom line

  • What elements are part of account-based marketing