How Investing in the Customer Experience Helps Navigate Through Tough Times (Like COVID-19)

Alison Jones

North American Supply Chain & Logistics Director at Mars Food

Learning Objectives

Customer metrics are the foundation of the customer relationship, but a customers’ EXPERIENCE is very personal. If you focus only on metrics, you may miss a big piece of what customers really need. During the presentation, I will review some techniques that have helped me build the customer EXPERIENCE and share examples of how this relationship is helping to navigate, collaboratively, through our current pandemic. I will share times when I’m the customer and when I’m the supplier of goods/information for both internal AND external customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes customers recognize there is a problem, but are not able to articulate what they really need. These techniques will help uncover that and drive personal benefits

  • People (Suppliers) interact with People (Customers) not metrics and KPIs

  • Investing the time in the relationship on the front end, helps you navigate through collaboratively when tough times hit