How is The Finance Industry Handling The Coronavirus

Pamela Henderson

CFO at 65 Max Inc.

Learning Objectives

April of 2020 a recent survey from IPSOS stated a large share of people strongly agree or some what agree that the Coronavirus will have a financial impact on themselves and their family. More then 1/3rd of Americans has displayed clinical signs of anxiety, depression or both, and only 50% of employees are comfortable discussing mental health issues. This concern has an impact on our global finances that we all hope shall come to pass.

Key Takeaways:

  • Distancing Ourselves from Social Distance and empty spaces
  • When we are hopeful this shall come to pass
  • When Life Brings You Lemons, Make Lemonade
"Organizations around the world are coming together and innovating to minimize the impact on public health and to limit disruptions to economies and supply chains."

Pamela Henderson

CFO at 65 Max Inc.


Greetings. My name is Pamela Henderson. I am the CFO of 65 Max Corporation. I am a Think Tank Ambassador. In today’s discussion and presentation, I am going to discuss how is the Finance industry handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is causing a massive disruption across the globe. Travel bans are affecting almost every single company and are now having to work from home. The Coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats to the global economy and financial markets. Let’s discuss how companies are tackling a situation from a financial standpoint, and what strategies you are taking to ensure the health and safety of your employee.

The Coronavirus, known as the COVID-19, is a disease that was already affecting people in November of 2019. Unfortunately, the virus has taken a huge toll on our lives financially, as the US confirmed 20,600,747 total deaths and 340,000 total has recovered. This has a very huge impact on the finance industry, who are either restructuring their companies or who has no choice but to close per instructions from the Governors, CDC, and the President.

Globally, the virus has impacted the finance industry through stocks and bonds and training. However, I hope we will not forsake a major recession in my opinion. I have faith that the suffering in the economy worldwide shall come to pass. People are systematic, but can still be carriers of the virus and transmitted to others. Others are infected and die quick. I say to you to keep calm and carry on.

The strategy that small corporations such as mine, we are strategically focusing our products and services online, creating online training workshops that are focused to help build customer service skills. I have launched my initial radio talk show every other Tuesday at 11am on BBS radio all roads 65. Please join.

The key reason is productivity. We are a remote company and we can utilize our planner and stick to one task management to set a morning routine and stick to it. Our strategy allowed us to create an empty space to set up our desk and laptop computers in our home office and organize our supplies. We made sure our workspace is clean and sanitized by dusting and wiping down everything from the computer, desk, bookcase, our mouse, chairs, and other surrounding areas. We chose a room that allowed us to set up in a quiet atmosphere, so we could focus on the task at hand.

We agreed to set real work hours that each of us had committed to that included a lunch break. At the end of the day, we had distanced ourselves from our wor so we did not consume ourselves working non stop.

Coming together globally. Organizations around the world are coming together and innovating to minimize the impact on public health and to limit disruptions to economies and supply chains. Here are just some ways for partners, corporations, and other organizations globally are fighting the pandemic.

Many provider organizations have struggled to obtain necessary medical and personal protective equipment called PPE. Most have cancelled elective procedures, and some have even had to furlough hundreds or thousands of workers while the federal government has stepped in with over 170 billion in relief funding. Hospital finance leaders still face a financial crunch that is likely to linger for months, if not years.

However, there are still developments from the pandemic that should draw the attention of provider executives as they look for ways to their organizational operations and better care for the challenges ahead. A life lived in fear is a life half lived. I say to you dance in the rain finance leaders to keep our operations flowing smoothly.

We understood that every individual is different, and we are productive at different times of the day. We are scheduling to our business needs right now strategically for operations to flow smoothly. Some of us are morning people and some of us are afternoon and like working in the evening.

We have a commitment as an organization to move forward to stay a flight against what has invaded our finance department to strategically stay afloat against the deadly virus we cannot see. We are committed to be assigned scheduled, and to give a chance for us to meet at the coffee pot and discuss our accomplishments and check off the task from the list. Each individual has the opportunity to execute their work efficiently that will prevent interruptions throughout the day of operation.

Many firms are also going through what they would do in a pandemic situation that could have an impact on market operations, business disruptions, and pandemics. In addition to remote working arrangements, financial firms could potentially move their staff to locations away from major cities and are allowing staff to work from home. I think it is important for us to realize we have an outbreak that has taught us systematically how to adjust, and to keep safe to a crisis that has became our powerful tool in defense mechanism.

I say to you ladies and gentlemen, the struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings. It makes us patient sensitive and godlike. It teaches us that although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming. Helen Keller. Thank you. Any comments. Have a chat. Have a nice day.

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