How to Deliver Hyperautomation at Enterprise Scale – Addressing the Biggest Hurdles Across Strategy, Delivery and Governance to Deliver Measurable Financial Outcomes

Vinaykumar Mummigatti

Chief Automation Officer at LexisNexis

Learning Objectives

Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the automation landscape and the enterprise digital operating model. Firms that fail to see the big picture and address automation through a complementary set of technologies, will eventually fail to achieve their goals of digital transformation. Hyperautomation is redefining how firms should define, architect, and deliver automation programs at an enterprise scale and deliver measurable financial outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hyperautomation is a holistic technology strategy aligned to all patterns of work that is built on the foundation of process excellence

  • Definition of value, aligning stakeholders and establishing a Digital operating model is key to success of enterprise automation

  • A strong governance model and a Culture of innovation are vital to enterprise scale and sustainability of automation