How to Integrate Innovation Into All the Layers of Your Organization

Alice de Casanove

Director, Culture Evolution, Innovation at Airbus

Learning Objectives

Innovation is an increasingly important contributor to the success of an organization, enhancing its ability to adapt in a changing world. Novel and innovative ideas give rise to better ways of working, as well as new solutions for generating revenue and improving sustainability. It is closely linked to the resilience of an organization, in that it helps them to understand and respond to challenging contexts, seize the opportunities that might bring, and leverage the creativity of both its own people and those it deals with. ISO 56000 series covers all aspects of innovation management, from how to generate those first sparks of an idea, right through to selling something new in the marketplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is innovation management?

  • What is ISO 56000 series on innovation management?

  • How to deploy ISO56000 series on innovation management?