How to Use Your Arc Flash Assessment to Your Advantage

Raymond Urbanic

Vice President, Engineering at Ace Inc.

Learning Objectives

Compliance with NFPA 70E (required by OSHA) includes having an arc flash assessment performed on every applicable electrical bus in most US facilities. These assessments typically require several weeks of data collection, computer modeling, and analysis in order to produce a comprehensive report and equipment-specific safety labels. There is a wealth of information available within these reports that often get ignored or misinterpreted, lessening the available benefit to facility leadership. This presentation explains how these calculations are determined, the primary components of the assessment, how to interpret the report, and how to best apply the information in order to mitigate arc energy risk toward personnel, property, and production.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Arc Flash Assessment provides a detailed overview of all the potential arc flash risks that exist within a facility

  • The Arc Flash Assessment can double as a reference guide for all protective device settings, inventory, and electrical system drawings, all aiding in the continued maintenance of the facility

  • There are effective methods in reducing arc flash energy risk, which reduce long-term costs and increase safety