I Predicted Marketing Automation & It Changed Everything – Here’s What’s Next

Jon Miller

Chief Marketing Officer at Demandbase

Learning Objectives

As the original Marketo Co-founder and Founder of Engagio, Jon Miller predicted marketing automation and account-based marketing’s rise — and now he’s setting out new predictions for what’s next, including blending account-based marketing (ABM) and customer experience (CX) to create a new model called Account-Based Experience (ABX).

In this session, he’ll share practical, proven techniques for how companies can improve pipeline, growth, and satisfaction by evolving their go-to-market to align with the buyer experience at every stage of the journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implement account-based best practices from leading practitioners

  • Use data and insights to orchestrate relevant, trusted Marketing and Sales actions throughout the B2B customer lifecycle

  • Know what’s in store for B2B marketing and sales technology in the next 10 years