Ideas to Impact: Breaking Through the COVID-19 Barriers

Danica Jones

CMO at Fabricut

Learning Objectives

COVID-19 has challenged marketers to discover new ways to market effectively in an unprecedented time. From new channels to new messages, we're all looking for ways to stay connected while being conscious of more conservative marketing budgets. This talk will cover ways to effectively break through COVID-19 barriers using innovation and analytics to make data-driven, smart decisions with a positive impact. Learn how to assess, test, analyze, and scale the marketing methods that work best for your brand in a changing business environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • How COVID-19 has affected engagement in various marketing channels

  • Ways to effectively determine whether new tactics are right for your brand's marketing goals and budget

  • How to analyze and determine what to scale, what to cut, and what to evolve to fit a changing marketing environment