Innovation – No, Thanks. We Are Too Busy

Jorge Pacheco

VP Innovation and University Partnerships at John Crane

Learning Objectives

This presentation will share lessons learned and experiences from implementing an innovation mindset for an R&D organization. We are all busy but innovation is a lifeblood for the business. It generates novel ideas for products or services that make a significant impact. It is fundamental that your team is encouraged to participate and that a culture of exploring new concepts and technologies is established. Even within large corporations employees can demonstrate an intrapreneurial spirit. In order to be effective and efficient, establishing a systematic approach is key. Start small, fail fast and push constant experimentation. Make the process simple to follow, support a sense of community and above all make it fun and rewarding.

Key Takeaways:

  • Failure is an option (and it is encouraged) as long as you learn from it

  • Encouraging participation from your team - make it an objective

  • Establish a systematic approach and sustain the culture