Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Ian Thornton-Trump

CISO & CTO at Cyjax

Learning Objectives

Learn how to adopt and follow the 8 principles of cyber security leadership in order to be an effective cyber security leader and align the security program with business objectives. Change your personal and security team's mindset from "trying to win at security" to "not losing to malicious actors. Finally, utilize the 8 principles to expand security's reach into departments which desperately need assistance.

Introduction to CTI Cyber threat intelligence can be leveraged to provide a huge advantage over sophisticated malicious actors and automated commodity cyber attacks your organization is facing. Establishing a CTI program is extremely cost effective and can assist in focusing IT resources on taking proactive action to avoid the consequences of a data breach. With an abundance of (mostly) free tools the CTI program can quickly move the organization to be intelligence lead when it comes to vulnerability management and maintaining a robust cyber security posture.