Introduction to the Enneagram for the Workplace

Chris Heinz

Chief People Officer at EnergyCAP, Inc.

Learning Objectives

Self-awareness, healthy teams, and employee engagement don't happen by chance; they take design and effort. The Enneagram personality system is being used by top organizations around the world to improve all three areas. When that happens, everyone wins. But what is the Enneagram? Who uses it today? How can the workplace benefit from it? Learn about the basics of this ancient personality tool, identity the nine core drives of human behavior, and appreciate the value that each drive brings to the workplace. Presented by a certified Enneagram practitioner who is using the Enneagram to create an award-winning workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the basics of the Enneagram personality system

  • Identify the nine core drives of human behavior

  • Appreciate the value that each core drive brings to the workplace