Is Cloud Security keeping You Up at Night?

Andy Wall

Chief Security Officer at Office for National Statistics

Learning Objectives

2020 saw an increase in cloud migration for justifiable reasons – the shift to home working, urgent business continuity and the remote provision of services. From a security perspective unplanned or misunderstood cloud adoption has a host of dangers for business and organisation leadership. At the heart of this a potential gap in technology and business expectations from the use of cloud, whatever that really means. How do security, technology and business leadership achieve mutual understanding on meeting business objectives through cloud technologies that provides the services the business wants, through the technology that cloud can provide with the right security to protect assets that the business values? But what about the risk – it’s on the Internet remembers! Without joint buy-in it is a road to disappointment all round, but how do you get this? Learn about the road that ONS has taken to bring security, business, and technology together with joint vision to support its national mission while address risk concerns.