IT Governance: The Key To Technical Innovation and Budgetary Control

Craig Guarente

CEO & Founder at Palisade Compliance

Wayne Andrews

CFO at University of Sydney

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Each year, enterprise software, maintenance, and cloud fees increase and take a larger portion of your IT budget. The rising cost of these items is compounded by the fact that most companies don’t adequately manage their technology contracts nor do they keep account of their license and cloud usage. This results in audit penalties and unexpected financial liabilities that are not only frustrating but can cripple your ability to finance new innovative solutions critical to your company’s success. Fortunately, these surprises are completely avoidable. CFOs and CIOs can create the governance programs required to protect their budgets while allowing for the freedom to make investments in solutions that will enable the transformations required to compete in our digital landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best practices they’ve applied to their organization from both the technology and finance sides of the business

  • The unknown financial risks of enterprise software license audits

  • Best practices on how to confidently negotiate with software vendors • How software vendors perceive your M&A activity as their revenue opportunity

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