Keeping Employees Engaged and Motivated Using 3e Management

Tom Gimbel

Founder & CEO at LaSalle Network

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In an increasingly virtual workplace, how can supply chain leaders instill a lasting feeling of connection and community in their workforce? As some employees begin to move back into the workplace, supply chain leaders are beginning to face an unprecedented divide between those in the office, and those who continue to work remotely. In this challenging year, managers will need to harness the community and buy-in from their employees like never before. Tom Gimbel’s 3e Management: Education, Empowerment, Empathy system combines three individual elements that work in tandem to kickstart an employee’s experience and ensure that they are given the correct tools to thrive at every stage of the supply chain.

Key Takeaways:

  • The pillars of 3e: Empathy, Education and Empowerment and how to train managers on adopting this management system

  • Implementing systems that foster and monitor the 3e’s in your supply chain

  • Finding success by leading with 3e (employees, clients or customers)

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