Know Which Hat You’re Wearing: Creating Value Through Data and Innovation

Bob Kolodgy

EVP & CFO at Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Learning Objectives

Bob Kolodgy is a well-tenured executive at BCBSA, responsible for the vast majority of financial decision-making, overseeing financial planning and forecasts, as well as being the President and board chair of BCBS Venture Partners. In addition, he oversees Enterprise Information Technology and Security as well as the Project Management Office. Join us in this executive interview as Bob defines the key pillars of fiscal prosperity by creating value through data and innovation.

  • Learn how positions within and outside of your company can help curate your leadership style within the business

  • Explore what areas of focus can create the most impact in your company

  • Review BCBSA's mobilization of agile innovations during the pandemic

  • Analyze the newest emerging data trends and the integrations in tech and healthcare

  • Interpret the attributes of the modern CFO and where the position is headed in the future