Lead Nurture and Customer Engagement: Far More than Email

Blaine Kinsey

Lead Nurture & Customer Engagement Expert at Investis Digital

Learning Objectives

Customer Engagement. Lead Nurture. Get these two things right and you could generate 50% more sales ready leaders for 33% less than other methods. Just send some emails right? You know, it's far more challenging and it takes a special expert. Blaine Kinsey is a Top 100 lead nurture and customer engagement expert in the world. In this must-attend seminar, he will show you how to make results even better with dynamic emails, measurement and optimization techniques that have delivered millions in client revenue.

Key Takeaways:

  • What you are getting right with your lead nurture

  • How you can improve to get far more ROI from your Customer Engagement

  • Best practices for strategy, data, design, copy, and segmentation to help you convert more prospects into customers