Leadership and Self Care in Times of Crisis

C. Lauren Fast

Vice President, HR & Organizational Development at Core BTS, Inc.

Learning Objectives

Leadership is hard no matter what, but it's especially hard to be a strong leader in times of crisis such as the one we're in now. If you didn't have the tools to be an effective leader before 2020, you may be feeling very overwhelmed. Even top-notch leaders are feeling overwhelmed between the business and personal effects of our environment. This webinar will provide some key insights leaders can use to connect better with their teams, be vulnerable enough to ask for ideas and feedback, and ultimately use this time of crisis to grow and strengthen their leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • It's okay to not have the answer, even leaders need to say they don't know sometimes

  • Asking for feedback and allowing your team to give it is vital

  • Self care isn't just for others, leaders need to practice it, too!