Leading With Grit

Joni Arison

SVP - Finance Services at AT&T

Learning Objectives

Joni Arison, Senior Vice President of Finance Services, AT&T Inc., will share how she navigates through obstacles with passion and perseverance and how she looks for new ways to inspire her organization to succeed. You will learn how important it is to move faster by removing unnecessary barriers and finding ways to infuse data and technology to influence business outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Let’s first start out with why you titled this session…. Leading with Grit?

  • As you said earlier, 2020 was unprecedented for all of us and it impacted not only how we live but impacted every industry and how we work. How did you manage through those uncertain times?

  • You mentioned the importance of not only managing the business, but also caring for the people. What did you do to maintain engagement with your employees?

  • I know you have found a way to infuse data and technology within your organization. Most people probably don’t exactly think of Finance and technology in the same sentence. Can you talk about how you infused data and technology within your organization?

  • As we wrap-up this session, what would you say are the key leadership principles that have guided you throughout your career?