Lessons’ Learned From a Two-Year Digital Transformation Journey

Saeed Elnaj

CIO at National Council on Aging

Learning Objectives

The webinar is about NCOA’s two-year digital transformation journey that started in 2018 and that focused on our knowing our customers as individuals with individuals with their individual needs and on delivering the right digital products at the right time in their lives and through the right channel. The webinar describes our journey of building an omnichannel platform and how we decomposed our digital products from monolithic into more of business objects and API based. In addition, the presentation describes the phases of the digital transformation that started with migration to the AWS cloud and some lessons learned.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital transformation is about knowing the customers understanding their needs and delivering to their needs through the complex omnichannel world
  • The migration to the public cloud is essential to successfully delivering digital transformation
  • The digital transformation journey is long and has challenges and and we encountered failures: Experiment a lot, fail fast, learn and move forward