Leveraging Augmented Reality in Today’s Post-Pandemic Support Center Plans

Dr. Marlene Kolodziej, DBA, ITIL

Vice President, Centralized Services at RICOH USA, Inc.

Learning Objectives

In this presentation, Dr. Marlene R. Kolodziej, DBA, ITIL, VP, Centralized Services, Ricoh USA, Inc. will discuss how Augmented Reality (AR) is one silver lining that has come from the pandemic and is allowing for a superior customer experience, despite the limitations of not being able to complete in-person service calls. She’ll also detail how people, technology, knowledge and process play into the delivery of a business continuity plan and use Ricoh’s response to the pandemic as an example of what worked, while also sharing lessons learned.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about how Augmented Reality can play a critical role in service delivery

  • Understand the difference between a disaster recovery and business continuity plan

  • Learn how to build a balanced business continuity plan