Leveraging Your Front Lines to Achieve a Great Customer Experience

John Bartucci

Vice President, Connected Products at Master Lock

Learning Objectives

In this talk we’ll explore the Quality and Customer Service connection. Quality acts as the frontline for the development team partnering with Customer Service as the frontline to customers. The partnership of these two organizational functions is critical both with each other and the engineering teams because of the long term effects on the customer experience. This discussion will explore the outbound relationships of the development, quality, and customer service team interactions. Then we’ll put a lens on the feedback loop, or the inbound calls to customer service, the escalation paths necessary to resolve issues, and the connection back to quality. These are some of the critical infrastructure necessary to help create a great and long-lasting customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quality gets to say go-no-go!

  • Leveraging customer experience as a strategic asset

  • Partnership is critical to great customer service