Made by Rugby, Ready for Life: Truly Caring for the Workforce

Julie Gemmell

Head of People and Engagement at Scottish Rugby Union

Learning Objectives

Scottish Rugby has a rather different task when it comes to taking care of employees. With players in the limelight and putting their bodies on the line every week, there are many implications and factors that the HR team have to consider. SRU’s Julie Gemmell will answer: 

  •  What drove SRU to start the process of taking greater care for players under the organisation’s stewardship?

  • Can you describe how you assessed the needs of players at different stages of their career?

  • Many HR teams around the world are looking to improve the wellbeing of their employees. What positive impacts have you seen already?

  • Each player’s needs will be different depending on many factors – how do you ensure each player gets a more personalised/bespoke approach? 

  • How does this connect what goes on behind the scenes (i.e the back office team) to what happens on the pitch? 

  • Identity as a result of employment plays a huge part in the lives of many workers. How do you manage those who have to leave the sport?