Maintaining Your Employer Brand During a Pandemic

Lisa Smith-Strother

Global Head of Employer Brand at RELX

Learning Objectives

It is in extraordinary times that extraordinary solutions are needed. Join this call to learn about the solutions and adaptive way of working used to ensure an Always-On approach to Employer Branding during a crisis. Despite these very challenging and uncertain times, the need for Employer Branding is critical. While new challenges appear in the hiring landscape, new opportunities to enhance and protect your brand can present themselves, too. But, during these uncertain times, or when it’s business as usual, Employer Branding is not solely about Recruitment. It should be Always-On and about a candidate’s and employee’s experience and how you make them feel.

Key Takeaways:

  • What do candidates and employees want during a crisis - pandemic

  • What are the expectations of how candidates, employees, customers, and communities want to be treated

  • How Remote Working is transforming candidate and employee experience, and team structure