Managing Unicorns: Giving Feedback and Developing Creatives on Your Team

Kim Thore

Chief Marketing Officer at United Way Worldwide

Learning Objectives

Developing and leading that mythical creature - the unicorn - or creative on your team. When it comes to giving feedback, most leaders struggle, and most get it wrong, resulting in a frustrated creative and an exasperated manager. The amount of non-value added time spent in this whirling dervish can be utilized in so many more productive ways. Learn how to give feedback and develop a creative so that results are achieved, stress levels are at a minimal, and your unicorn won't run away into the forest never to be heard from again.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to structure feedback so that it is constructive for the creative and gets you the results you are seeking

  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction thereby decreasing turnover with creatives

  • Reduce cycle time with projects and receive projects that exceed your expectations as a leader