Meet The Snapchat Generation: Shopping, Sharing and Re-Shaping Marketing with the Power of Augmented Reality

Doug Frisbie

VP, Global Business Marketing at Snapchat

Learning Objectives

A shoe on your foot. A car in your driveway. Nail polish on your nails. Augmented reality is making it possible to shop and explore anything from everywhere. And beyond shopping, it’s lifting our gaze from our phones to the world around us! This level of immersion is the new expectation among the enormously powerful Snapchat Generation. Understanding how to harness it now will create breakthrough brands of the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore today’s AR realities and why they represent a marketing inflection point

  • Demystify the Snapchat Generation

  • Discover the power of a “Camera Strategy” and why every business needs one