MQL Is Dead: Supercharge Your ABM Execution With Conversational ABM

Sonny Dasgupta

Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Conversica

Learning Objectives

The Sales and Marketing divide has shifted. Today Account-Based Marketing is an essential tool in the marketer’s tool belt—and for good reason. With ABM, both Sales and Marketing share a single truth: target accounts. ABM demands tight team alignment and drives better cohesion than MQLs ever did.But strategic alignment fails without proper execution. When Marketing and Sales teams can’t effectively and persistently execute personalized outreach at scale, opportunities are lost and ABM fails. Join Sonny Dasgupta (Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Conversica) as he discusses how Conversational AI supercharges ABM by automating personalized outreach, delivering iconic customer experiences, and ultimately accelerating revenue opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover where Marketers and Salespeople fall behind on scaling their ABM

  • How to overcome the MQL status quo that lets opportunities go unnoticed, unengaged, and underworked

  • How to squeeze all the value out of your ABM by adding Conversational AI