Navigating an App Advertising Business Through iOS 14

Mike Brooks

Senior Vice President of Revenue at Navigating an App Advertising Business Through iOS 14

Learning Objectives

The changing tides of platform conflict and privacy will have a profound effect on advertising monetization, beginning with the implementation of Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework in iOS 14.5. The disciplines of programmatic monetization, direct sales, and partnerships will all shift drastically based on new scarcities in the marketplace. Learn how WeatherBug, a US-based weather media company that reaches 15 million users each month, is building towards a starkly different advertising landscape than the app ecosystem affords today.

Key Takeawasy:

  • The value of a direct sales team increases significantly as the world becomes more complex and programmatic scale suffers in the short and mid-term

  • Buyers will need to transition their media mixes over time from what we think about as “addressable” to “non-addressable” sources, and smart media companies will steward that journey

  • Google and Apple take shockingly similar stances on the future of advertising being on-device and aggregated, but their efforts and implementations in market leave drastically different opportunities for ad technology companies