Navigating the Great Reshuffle: Trust and Empowerment in a Hybrid Workforce

Scott Redfearn

Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources at Protiviti

Learning Objectives

Trust and empowerment will be central to the success of hybrid work models over the coming years and will help ensure company culture transcends the walls of the physical office. Companies should focus on providing stability to their people so they are better able to handle the decisions that come from working in hybrid environments. Leaders must balance between offering employees the flexibility they desire while promoting and empowering strong employee engagement. In this session, Scott will share best practices for establishing trust and stability to empower success in hybrid environments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trust generates a deeper sense of empowerment for employees

  • Understanding the critical elements of trust in a hybrid work environment

  • Importance of stability enhancers to show employees that executive leadership is committed to helping and protecting their employees