Neuroscience: The Secret of Learning & Development

Julian Sado

Senior Trainer, Learning & Development at Neuroscience: The Secret of Learning & Development

Learning Objectives

Please join the Senior Trainer in Learning & Development from Planet Home Lending, Julian Sado in this Executive Interview where he will discuss the importance of company culture and how it affects recruiting top talent.

Key Takeaways:

  • How important is company culture?

  • What are some initiatives companies can implement to create employee engagement?

  • Spiritual Leadership, how do you get your team or company to feel at peace when going through turmoil?

  • Diversity, to have a program or not have a program? How important is that during these times?

  • How important is it to get a handle on retention or prevent high turnover?

  • Recruiting talent has become extremely challenging, how do you get people attracted to your company and join the party?