New Business Models: A Challenge and an Opportunity for Large Enterprise

Raj Shahi

Director of Finance Transformation at Cisco

Learning Objectives

Today’s business has been severely disrupted with the advent of cloud-based infrastructure, the advent of Robotics, AI, and M/C learning, there has never been a better time for finance to lead this transformation at the front. Customers and partners do not want to buy the product or services in isolation and then stitch the myriad offerings and incur high capex spending. It's time to buy the outcomes with utmost ease and flexibility. With this approach companies have to come with a new operating model, remove the friction points in the current business, and enable commerce with a differentiated experience. The key consideration of the new business model remains the same a) Process b) Policies c) System/capabilities d) Data.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the large scale Hi-tech business models is being disrupted

  • Key Challnges in terms of Process, systems and capabilities

  • Whats the next gen operating model looks like?