New Rapid Quality Inspection for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Matt Donovan

Chief Engineer, Additive Manufacturing at Jabil

Learning Objectives

Matt Donovan, Chief Engineer for Metal Additive Manufacturing at Jabil, will outline a vastly improved, new method for testing metal print quality. Jabil is collaborating with partners at NASA, Sandia National Labs, Auburn University and the ASTM AM Center of Excellence to develop and publish data to substantiate this method which has the potential to save significant time and costs in metal 3D prints. At the recent AMUG’21 conference in Orlando, Matt told a standing-room-only crowd about how this rapid-build quality inspection method can save companies months of time and significant costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is an innovative, new method for testing metal 3D print quality

  • You can save significant time and money with new method