Now’s the Time! How to Take Advantage of the New Remote Business Landscape

Mike Thompson

Director of Human Resources at Howard Building Corporation

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Graduate degrees, and even true expertise, don't typically pay off in promotions and high salaries the way we'd think. Sure, your degrees and analytical skill will get you in the door, will get you into management, and will get you into the middle class, but it won't get you much further. The fact is that the highest level degrees and even your expertise are inversely correlated with success according to the data going back 40 years. This is why your staff doesn't attend training, and this is why every worker hates their boss - they can see it's not more knowledge that leads to the top. Instead of complaining about it, I'll show you what your executive leaders are doing that you're not doing, and help you get there yourself while the playing field has been substantially leveled by remote work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why higher education and expertise don't take you as far as you thought they would

  • How HR pros and executives can groom experts for leadership roles

  • How experts can get out of their own way and become visible leaders while working remotely

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