Optimizing Team Productivity Through Cross-Functional Collaboration, Task Focus, and Team Investment

Angela Reynolds

Global Merchandising Operations Director at Lowe’s Company

Learning Objectives

In an increasingly competitive environment, how do you boost your team’s productivity while retaining top talent? In this presentation we will explore how to align at multiple levels to improve your team’s engagement, efficiency, and outcomes. By working across your organization to understand the landscape to increase your team’s ability to meet organizational expectations. Challenging work tasks to focus your team on the right activities to increase your team’s ability to deliver. Investing in your individual team members success through coaching, professional development, and opportunity to increase team member satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be a leader in aligning cross-functionally to achieve surprising results

  • What your team isn't doing is just as important as what they are doing

  • Investing in your team can make the difference between good and great