Out of a Crisis Comes a New Leadership Mandate: Leading through Empathy and Paradoxical Thinking

Jason Lioy

Chief People Officer at Dawn Foods

Learning Objectives

Whether on the frontlines or fully remote, the last two years have forever changed the way we think about work – including where, how, and when it gets done. As someone responsible for 4,000+ global team members, Chief People Office Jason Lioy of Dawn Foods – a leading bakery manufacturer and ingredient distributor – continues to think about this every day. Throughout his time at Dawn, Jason has prioritized attracting and retaining employees from all work models imaginable and modified leadership approaches to meet the changing needs of employees.

In this session, Jason will share top strategies to develop and sustain employee engagement and new leadership competencies that are changing the way we think about work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies to keep employees engaged in a variety of work models – including in-person, hybrid, remote, and frontline workers

  • Why empathy is now a mandatory leadership trait in the workplace

  • New solutions to evolving issues in the workforce – including challenging leadership teams through paradoxical thinking