Overcoming a Cats & Dogs Mentality: Achieving Success through Marketing & Sales Alignment

Lamar Johnson

VP of Sponsorship Marketing at NPR

Learning Objectives

For many years across many industries and companies, working relationships between Sales & Marketing teams have often been fraught with friction and conflict. Divergent considerations around budget control, strategic approach, and individual rewards/recognition can sometimes get in the way of achieving organizational profit goals. When you add in the new realities of working in a pandemic, achieving alignment and collaboration can be even more challenging. Join Lamar Johnson, Vice President of Marketing at National Public Media (the for-profit sales & marketing arm of National Public Radio), as he shares his insights and philosophy for driving collaboration around NPR’s central mission and purpose -- to create a more informed American public.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep Sales & Marketing teams’ “eyes on the prize” around a shared mission/purpose

  • Lead with empathy and always walk in others’ shoes

  • Create an environment that fosters collaboration and celebrates experimentation, occasional failures and all wins (both big and small)