Pay It Forward

Michael Smith

VP & CIO at American Academy of Family Physicians

Learning Objectives

Every effective and transformative leader has been willing to accept help and advice to propel their careers forward. It didn’t just happen by chance, but rather through a deliberate and focused effort on learning what it meant to be an effective leader. Those successful leaders relied on authentic individuals to invest their time and energy into their careers and help them achieve their professional goals. In return, those same successful leaders were willing and available to be mentored; to better understand where their blind spots and weaknesses were; and develop the necessary skill sets and business acumen to be consistently successful. In this presentation, you will hear stories of how one leader became the first member of his family to graduate college; learn how they stepped outside of their comfort zone; how they became part of the IT leadership team of the largest health sciences company in the world; and finally how they became a mentor to other up and coming leaders for the next generation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Importance of being mentored
  • The Importance of being a mentor
  • Using and success and knowledge to help the next generation
  • Give back to the next generation of leaders