Personalised Learning Journeys for Future-Ready Leaders

Dorna Eriksson Shafiei

Vice President, Talent Management at Atlas Copco

Learning Objectives

As a Global Industrial Group operating in more than 80 countries and with 40.000 employees across the globe, Atlas Copco took a closer look at what drives learner engagement among it’s senior leaders to design, pilot and successfully launch their Leadership Development Portfolio. In this presentation, Dorna Eriksson Shafiei, VP Talent Management, describes the journey towards offering a modular, skill based and personalized learning journey aimed at developing future ready leaders.

Key Takeaways:

  • - Success factors for designing and building a Leadership development portfolio

  • Lessons learnt from moving from a more traditional "one size fits" all leadership development offering towards offering more personalized learning journeys for leaders

  • The power in letting your people own and drive their own learning journey