Planning, Response and Ethics: How the U.S. Government Changed a Thousand Hours of Investment and Employee Trust in Less Than One Month

Renee Pile

Director of Compliance and Employment at DMOS

Learning Objectives

"Plan ahead!" "Prepare your Disaster Recovery Plan!" "Be ahead of the curve!" You heard it. You might have even done it. We did. So what does a disaster preparedness plan do for you when the Government takes action with lightning speed? What does this do to an operation and employee trust? Obviously we all have our own answer because we lived it. For our organization, this happened while the Compliance Director was working full time and completing a thesis for Law and Ethics program. That education and the company culture shaped our response and tested our culture... For the better. I am here to share just one of millions who could tell their Covid Journey. Join me.

Key Takeaways:

  • Culture BEFORE a Disaster is the best response to any disaster

  • DO make a plan to keep people safe, DO know the key players to keep running and DO try to implement the elements of the plan

  • You can't avoid the government, learn to roll with it and shift focus on HOW WE CAN implement strategy and keep people safe