Workforce Planning Positioned – Right Sized Organizations

Mary Carroll

Senior Vice President at WorldVentures

Learning Objectives

Ready, aim fire – isn’t that how most organizations handle workforce reductions? Have you ever ended up with a rack and stack, trying to hit a financial target, without much thought to tomorrow’s workforce? After 2020, many organizations ended up “wrong sizing” vs. “right-sizing” and now that the market's coming back, HR is left to pick up the pieces with gaps in our resources. How can we look in our rearview, gather up lessons learned and identify our blind spots to ensure we don’t have a repeat? Let’s discuss multiple approaches to organizational design and workforce planning. We’ll cover WFP strategies, and org design including techniques and tactics to enhance your toolkit. You'll walk away knowing how to strategically advise your leaders vs. repeating patterns of the past.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how strong organizational design feeds your workforce plan

  • Gain tactical and strategic tips to “right-size” vs. “wrong size” your organization

  • Identify your organization's workforce planning maturity level and how to move to the next level