Power-Boost Ransomware Incident Response with Ransomware Kill Switch

Ritesh Agrawal

CEO and Co-Founder at Airgap Networks

Learning Objectives

Despite significant investments in security each year, cybercriminals are constantly developing new attack vectors to thwart existing security controls. The growth of connected devices, IoT, and an increasingly remote workforce has widened the enterprise attack surface, enabling cybercriminals to find new ways to breach enterprise perimeter defenses. 

A new paradigm shift needs to occur in security to deal with the eventual breach and lateral movement of cyber-attacks. Implementing an enterprise zero-trust security model can help to block the lateral movement of cyber attackers and isolate attacks to where they originate. Enterprises need to migrate to a Zero-Trust architecture, Ritesh Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder of Airgap Networks, will lead a detailed discussion on how to:

Key Takeaways:

  • Stop Ransomware in its tracks with agentless Ransomware Kill Switch™

  • Obtain true visibility and adaptive intelligence on all lateral communication with Zero Trust Isolation™

  • How to implement an effective identity, device and policy-based security strategy on IT, OT and IOT