Power Generation Cyber Maintenance Considerations

Michael Toecker

Consulting Engineer at Context Industrial Security

Carter Manucy

IT/OT & Cybersecurity Director at Florida Municipal Power Agency

Sarah Freeman

ICS CyberSecurity Analyst at Idaho National Laboratory

David Foose

Ovation Security Solutions Program Manager at Emerson Automation Solutions

Patrick Miller

Managing Partner at Archer International

Learning Objectives

Cyber security has become an important consideration in the operation of power generation facilities. Many facilities have security requirements from NERC CIP, but most are also concerned about potential threats against their ability to provide reliable power and conduct business. The very real concern of a cyber incident causing lost time or production has caused generation owners/operators to invest in cyber security controls, and the associated cyber maintenance activities to ensure those controls are preventing and detecting potential cyber issues. In the event of a cyber incident, owners want to be prepared to recover and restore their systems to limit impact to their business operations, but also want to ensure they are spending responsibly and investing in activities which have a real and measurable impact in cost and risk reductions.