“Predict, Protect, Prevent” and What We Are Still Missing in the Identification of Systemic Root Causes

Simona Pappalardo

Global APQP and Manufacturing Quality Senior Director at Whirlpool Corporation

Learning Objectives

Methodology like "3x5 why's" and "Prevent, Protect, Predict' have been long established, but organizations still struggle today to get to the bottom of systemic root causes that slow down their programs, cost them money and ultimately can break the trust relationship with their consumers and brand image. So, how can we better leverage data that already exist in organizations to shift the focus on fixing their systemic problems once and for all? And most importantly, what can leaders with no quality background learn from these quality techniques and how can they use them to turn their functions in learning and innovative organizations?

Key Takeaways:

  • You haven't solved a problem until you don't understand and fix the systemic root cause that generates it

  • If you look at data about symptoms or technical root causes only, you cannot detect the major systemic root causes across the organization

  • The steps to solve a technical problem and an organizational one are the same, and by learning what quality professionals bring to the table beyond their area of expertise, executives can boost the organization at large