Procurement, An Under-Ordinary Business Partner

Jean-Michel Dos Remedios

Sourcing & Supplier Development Sr. Director at Bel Brands USA

Learning Objectives

Procurement, an under-ordinary business partner… Procurement organizations are viewed in very different ways in organizations. Sometimes used as cost savers only and sometimes they are considered business partners, even leaders. You can increase the impact of the procurement department in your organization through a change management journey. With few tips, a mindset twist, you can enhance the internal or external collaboration as well as the added value to your organization. See how you can transform the procurement department to a real business partner.
We will try to bring some answers to these 2 questions: Why is procurement an under-ordinary business partner, in some organization? and how to bring more value to the organization?

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding where you stand

  • Change tools and collaboration

  • What is a high performing team? & a few tips to transform your organization and move forward