Dismantling Raci(al/st) Ideology

Sheena Mason

Chief Human Resources Officer at Dismantling Raci(al/st) Ideology

Learning Objectives

This presentation shows how the concept of race, while not rooted in biology or science, continues to be naturalized and viewed as something "of nature." The camouflaging of racism as race (i.e., race[ism]) remains, in large part, why many people and institutions have failed to entirely and meaningful address racism even when actively participating in anti-racist efforts. --With this in mind, the presentation employs Barbara and Karen Fields' concept of "racecraft" to help attendees stop conflating culture with race and race with ethnicity or culture and offers solutions for race(ism) with clear go-dos, further readings, and ideas to consider. Ultimately, this presentation shows how many of us unintentionally uphold racism. Importantly, this presentation shares how we can stop.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to define and identify race(ism) & racecraft

  • How & why society should stop conflating race with culture and ethnicity

  • How current anti-racist efforts inadvertently uphold racism, the very thing it critiques