Reconceiving Security in an Increasingly Remote World

Erik Stettler

Chief Economist at Toptal

Gleidson Nascimento

Senior Consultant at Toptal

Learning Objectives

The events of this year have vastly accelerated the transformation of how organizations work, and how they protect their work. Protecting distributed teams and their enabling technologies in a world prone to cataclysmic events is not only possible but, when done correctly and on its own unique terms, brings more robust and proactive security. We draw upon our experience in helping distributed organizations with blended teams implement security and navigate crises to offer a new security playbook to turn the many changes in the world into your most proactive means of defense.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to think about the dynamics of rare, high-impact events and how they pertain to robust cybersecurity

  • How to remove location as a factor in your security infrastructure and turn team members into the first line of defense

  • How to effectively deploy elite independent talent to plug the skills gap for cybersecurity