Redefining the Workspace

Martha Bird

Chief Business Anthropologist at ADP

Learning Objectives

It is now a year after the pandemic and we have seen significant changes in the world of work. These shifts continue for workers and employers. ADP Chief Business Anthropologist Martha Bird joins us for an Executive Interview to share insights on the changing dynamics of workspace.

Key Takeaways:

  • What do you think were key lessons learned as we consider the changes that occurred over the last year specifically in the world of work?

  • Out of this situation, we’ve certainly seen business agility and worker resilience put to the test. What are some examples of best practices that emerged to enable recovery?

  • There is a sizeable segment of workers – who started working remotely during the lockdown and many still do. How do you see the continued reliance on remote work affecting productivity and overall worker wellness?

  • What must business leaders consider as they plan to bring more people back into shared workplaces?

  • In an article you wrote for MIT Sloan Management Review, you talk about this idea that people’s relationship with space is complex. How do you see people navigating new workspaces?

  • How do you see the meaning of work changing for people as the places where they work shift?