Regather: How to Produce Responsible, Science-Backed Events in the Age of COVID

Ryan Choura

CEO & Founder at Choura Events

Learning Objectives

Everyone asks when events will come back, but no one is answering the “how” they will come back. When other event companies are closing their doors or going virtual, Choura is fighting for a way to help people regather again with a science-backed approach, inclusive of mobile COVID-19 testing and comprehensive event safety protocols.

Hear from the company that hosted the first live event since the start of the pandemic as they share how brands and agencies can responsibly execute experiential campaigns and live events in the age of COVID.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand testing options and how to integrate testing into your event

  • Hear insights from doctors and medical experts on how to take a scientific approach to event production

  • Help your brand or business find and articulate more purpose amidst a crisis