Retaining Great Employees in a Competitive Talent Market – COVID-19 Edition!

Stephan Wegfehrt

Director, Distribution Operations at Bogen Communications, Inc.

Learning Objectives

COVID-19 has changed many things around the business landscape. But one vital element that remains the same as we navigate new waters--a company must retain great employees to ensure success. Leaders of an organization must develop creative ways to keep great employees (and even the good ones) from leaving. Higher pay helps; but do you really want a team made up of people who are “just here for the money?” Instead, understand why people leave, create a culture that develops talent, and find ways to align individual and organizational goals. These steps were vital before COVID-19; they are vital now; and they will still be vital when COVID-19 is no longer disrupting business operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding why people choose to leave

  • Creating a culture that develops talent

  • Aligning individual and organizational values and goals